How to Get Round GamStop in the UK?

Gamstop is a fantastic program that allows you to control online gambling, but it has several restrictions. There are methods to resume betting if you have already joined the program but believe you are in excellent physical condition. So, how to get around Gamstop? The bad news is that utilizing your ID won’t allow you to play on UK bookmakers once again. Of course, you have the choice to open a new account with a UK-licensed bookmaker using information provided by a third party. But, we don’t advise it because it’s a dangerous choice.

The good news is that you can prevent Gamstop in a variety of ways. In the post that follows, we’ll show you every method we can think of for getting around the system, along with all the benefits and drawbacks associated with it. You should create a new account at the Non Gamstop betting sites if you want to use your information.

Best Casino Sites for Getting Around Gamstop

You started hunting for your next non-UK bookmaker once you made the decision to skip Gamstop. The following table lists a few trustworthy non-Gamstop betting sites that have been evaluated for dependability, odds, verification, and withdrawal policies. The top of these gambling websites may be found at There are also significant additional features available there, so sign up right away!

How to Get Around Self-Exclusion the Best

No matter how it happened, you now find yourself in self-exclusion, and you’re looking for a way to elude the plan. Lucky for you, there are several different strategies for doing that. Here is a list of eight various patterns that will enable you to change the course of events in your favor.

Use offshore betting sites

Gamstop may be bypassed using this method the most frequently and predictably. Just register for a fresh account on a bookmaker that is not affiliated with Gamstop. Simply said, you should sign up with a bookmaker that does not allow British players and is not governed by the UKGC. You’ll receive benefits such as quicker withdrawals, new bonuses, and additional payment options.

Put your bets at the casinos

Since that betting businesses are not covered by the Gambling Act, it is another method for getting around the self-exclusion. The Gamstop program and the latter both only apply to internet betting. You may still place bets at any brick-and-mortar locations even if you have signed up for Gamstop or another self-exclusion scheme.

Use a VPN to get around Gamstop

Here’s another approach. You may test out a number of bookies accepting British players who are not registered with the self-exclusion policy by downloading a VPN service to your laptop or mobile device. If you intended to gamble on a sportsbook that has been banned in the United Kingdom, this is one of the most well-liked strategies to get past Gamstop.

Sign up with Crypto Sportsbooks

Especially among younger customers, emerging technologies like cryptocurrency have a lot to offer. Using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other digital currency, you may place covert bets at crypto sportsbooks while avoiding Gamstop. This indicates that no verification will be required when you create your account, making betting available to everyone.

Use another person’s information to avoid Gamstop

You may open a new account with the reputable UK bookmakers if you want to continue placing bets there. You can agree with a friend or your partner, join under a different name, and continue wagering rather than using your personal information. Of course, there is a way to circumvent the exclusion, but it’s unsafe, so we don’t advise it.

Signup with sportsbooks by changing your information

It is another method to continue using the UKGC betting sites to place your bets. In such scenario, you would use your data but alter your name, last name, and address slightly, perhaps by one or two letters. We are, of course, referring to alterations that will be regarded as typos and do not substantially impact your credentials. If you have a different phone number, you may also use that. But keep in mind that sooner or later, the bookmakers will learn what you did and close your account. Hence, this could just be a short-term fix.

Put your bets on betting sites without verification

There are several non-UK bookies who can assist you bypass Gamstop, but some of them don’t require ID verification in order to place bets. not just cryptocurrency betting platforms, but also other offshore and international bookmakers. A KYC will only be necessary if you ask for your first withdrawal, and only then.

Wait till the exclusion period is ended to get around Gamstop

If none of the options listed above work for you and you’re still unsure of “How to Get Around Gamstop,” there is one definite method that should only be utilized as a last resort. You can wait until the self-exclusion period is finished if you wish to place bets with UK bookies again using your old login information. Once more, you should be aware that even after the self-exclusion period has ended, the UK bookies may still designate you as a problematic gambler.

Why Do I Need to Get Around Gamstop?

Many gamblers consider ways to get around Gamstop, but many are afraid to try. You’ll discover various justifications for not overthinking things below. After all, you will have the chance to learn about new betting companies, which will enable you to circumvent UKGC restrictions on its own. But what other benefits are there?

Opportunity to locate exotic bookmakers

Perhaps of all the solutions, this one is the most clear. Gamers can research different bookies from across the world. One of the reasons to choose it is that there are more incentives and offers, better chances, and the opportunity to use cryptocurrency in addition to your credit card.

Get out from behind UKGC constraints

The UKGC has been working hard to provide a secure betting environment, but hurdles have also been put in its way. Gamers won’t have to put up with stake size restrictions, difficult and onerous wagering regulations, or endure credit card non-use any more.

Increased income

Professional gamblers will get the chance to practice what they are most skilled at. To earn a livelihood, place bets, and your income will rise once more. Since the Gambling Act, this group of gamblers has had the worst treatment in the UK, and the UKGC solely caters to recreational gamblers.

Play is returning!

Having several limits and constraints greatly diminishes the pleasure factor of betting. The latter is more advantageous for gamblers since they may engage in as much gambling as they choose without worrying that the UKGC would come after them. Of course, if you want to bypass Gamstop by using foreign and offshore bookmakers rather than UK bookmakers, all three of the aforementioned benefits still hold true.

What Are the Negative Effects of Overcoming Gamstop?

You will have to deal with certain disadvantages of your choice to circumvent Gamstop in addition to its advantages. You should take into account the possibility of challenges if you prefer non-UK bookies over UKGC competitors. You can have challenges including subpar customer service and trouble adjudicating potential disagreements, among others.

It will be challenging to settle disputes

It will be difficult to receive the right assistance in any conflicts because you are not working with the UKGC. The main offices of the government are often situated in offshore areas, making communication with them quite challenging.

Continuity of the websites

The dependability of the bookmaker is one of the key concerns when signing up for a betting website that is not protected by Gamstop. Your new option may be viewed as less dependable the less experience it has. Always exercise caution and avoid signing up with unproven sportsbooks because doing so might seriously jeopardize the outcome of your transactions or bets.

Poor client service

Another thing that could annoy you is that. You are accustomed to receiving excellent customer service from UK bookies when making bets, but this may not always be the case with foreign sportsbooks. The issue is that these bookies don’t invest as much in that area as they need to, which results in substandard and sometimes sluggish support from unskilled agents.

Websites that commit fraud online

Being careless increases your chance of opening an account with a fraudulent website, since new, dubious-quality sportsbooks appear daily. If you combine them with the current ones, the outcome is chaos. You must ensure that you only select the very finest from among them. As we have only researched and screened the safest, most reliable, and fastest paying bookies, we are here to assist you in that endeavor.

Are There Any Safe Ways Aroung Gamstop, Then?

Gamstop may be gotten around in a number of different ways, which is good news for British gamblers. You can move on with the necessary steps whether you wish to continue betting with the reputable UK bookmakers or decide not to bother doing so. Gamstop may be avoided most safely, though, by placing bets at sportsbooks that are not members of the program. You won’t have to change any of your information, which may cause delays with your withdrawals, and you’ll get the chance to discover new businesses that have a lot to offer.

What specifics should be altered to work around Gamstop?

This is a great method to conquer gamstop if you’ve been wondering how to achieve it. When you are ready to open a new account with a UK bookmaker, you can change your information. You are free to alter whatever information a sportsbook may want from you, including your phone number, how your first and last names are spelled, your address, and any other information.

Can I receive a refund if I don’t use Gamstop?

Your question has a straightforward solution. It is prohibited to continue with a chargeback, whether the bookmaker is a UKGC bookmaker or a Non UK bookmaker. The fact that they weren’t the ones who carried out the transaction has been used as an argument in a number of recent situations when gamers have requested their deposits returned. They have claimed that either they did not approve the purchase or the credit card was stolen and used by someone else. They might receive the money from the deposit back because it is fraud to use someone person’s credit card. For each of such instances, the bookies have a zero-tolerance policy toward a chargeback and may penalize the players who were complicit.

Exist any sports websites that avoid Gamstop?

Thankfully enough for the UK punters, there are more than enough sports sites enabling you get past self-exclusion. The UKGC and the UK government do not control the so-called Sports Sportsbooks not on GamStop. It implies that you have the option to establish a new account and put your bets without bothering about the restrictions and limitations set by the British authority.

Is it allowed to get around self-exclusion?

If you wish to go by the law, it is not legal to go beyond Gamstop. But, you won’t discover any of the eight options you have to foil the plan that may be characterized as criminal. Among all the conditions, not having a gambling addiction is, of course, the most noticeable.

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